OPIF Philippines World Mission Conducts “Kamay sa Kalamidad” Feeding Program

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San Mateo Rizal - In what is dubbed as “Kamay sa Kalamidad”, OPIF Philippines headed by the World Mission Ministry launched feeding program on November 26, 2020 inside the Ynares Multi-Purpose Covered Court here in Brgy. Sta. Ana, San Mateo Rizal. Headed by OPIF’s resident Pastors Marlon Martin and Renato Furo of Sectors 1 and 2 respectively, the feeding program which kicked off with evangelism... Read more

Editorial & Opinion

Christians Then and Now – The Series (Book vs. App)

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The only constant we see in our world is change. Over the years, change has continued to occur in different facets of our lives, and even we, as individuals undergo change. Our world continues to progress in different areas of research, medicine, technology and others... Read more

Covid-19 Death Toll Now Close to 9k Mark: “But death where is your sting?”

 by Shierly Planas |  posted in Opinion

The intensifying threat of the virus is shutting the world slowly. Public places like restaurants, malls, parks and other establishments were already closed. Community lockdown are widespread; some companies are also measuring strict number of office hours while others are… Read more

Living Up to the Challenge in Crossing No Bounds

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As we step into the edges and borders of our philosophy, we build composite depictions as we live in the delicate balance between traditional and contemporary human values. Is there really a formula in dissolving boundaries?... Read more



The God Who Stays by Matthew West : A Song Review

 by Rodelyn Gangan |  posted in Features

God says, “I will never leave you nor forsake you”. The main reason why God stays. He stays true to His Word. He stays real to His promises. Indeed, He is the epitome of love, simply because He is love. The song reminds us how faithful, loving, compassionate, forgiving and powerful God is. Isaiah 55:8 “For my thoughts are not your thoughts neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord. This verse exactly tells us that God’s way is far different from that of men. In our lives, we all go through trials and tests and most of us, when get exhausted and burnt out, we leave, but with God... Read more

The Greatest Father of All

 by Roxanne Cortan-Asio |  posted in Features

Usually, when it comes to parenting, fathers are less likely to be given the credits that they deserve. But it’s different in the Bible... Read more

The New Normal

 by Ptr. Tyrone Reyes |  posted in Features

Would you rather live inside your comfort bubble or rather toss yourself to the unknown? Change is constant. Change is inevitable... Read more




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