10 Finalists advance to the OMWF Singing Contest Monthly Elimination Round

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Above photo shows the finalists in the OMWF Inter-affiliate Singing Contest.

ME Regional Conference - With 24 contestants participated in the audition round of the first OPIF Men and Women of Faith (OMWF) Inter-affiliate Singing Contest, 10 finalists made it to the first cut and advance to the monthly elimination round beginning July 2, 2021.

The said event was a program of the OPIF Men and Women of Faith headed by the Director of the Ministry of OMWF, Pastor Fernan Planas, and in partnership with the Ministry of Home Missions Director, Pastor Michael Sanchez, and Ministry of the Music Director, Deputy Pastor Lester Soleminio.

It was attended by over a hundred brethren from different sectors in the ME and Philippines. All showed support for the hopeful participants in the competition.

 “Singing is more than just a talent. It’s an act of praising, worshipping, and connecting to God. And promotion of camaraderie is what makes OMWF Singing Competition different from the others. All are in unity in singing praises to just one audience— our Lord JESUS CHRIST,” said Sis. Racquel Galarosa, the OMWF Head Secretariate and OPIF Women of Faith ME Regional Conference President of Circle 2, as she welcomed all brethren in the event. She also quoted Psalms 104:33 in her Opening Statement, “I will sing unto the Lord as long as I live: I will sing praise to my God while I have my being.”

The 24 participants who were grouped into 4 were then judged by 50% voice quality, 30% musicality, and 20% interpretation and delivery. The first group of entries shown were from Bro. Allan Cortez of ME S10, DP Carlito Mamaling of PH S8, Sis. Margie Tugas of ME S9, Sis. Ann Janette Juntilla of PH S4, Bro. Arniel Garale of ME S11, and Bro. Nelson Demain of PH S4. The second group includes Bro. Carlos Diangco Jr. of PH S2, Sis. Melinda Naz of ME S4, Bro. Mark Jonathan Perez of PH Pangasinan CG, Sis. Lorna Rendon of ME S5, Bro. Marcelino Cuevas Jr. of PH S5, and Sis. Lucena Lagoner of ME S9. Next group to showcase their talents were Bro. Arman Ramos of ME S3, Ptr. Rolando Galang of BAH S1, Bro. Pepito Naz of ME S4, Sis. Michelle Aquino of AD S1, Bro. Eluard Figueroa of ME S1, and Bro. Renato Celestial of PH S2. And to complete the list of contestants are of the final group  which includes Bro. Lester Cano of ME S11, Sis. Yvonne Biongan of ME S11, Bro. Ruel Llano of ME S14, Sis. Tita Mamaling of PH S8, Ptr. Joram Sugano of ME S3, and Sis. Juliet Gibas of ME S9.

Shortly after all entries was the announcement of the top 10 qualifiers who were given the chance to compete in the first monthly elimination round in the next couple of months. The triumphant hopeful candidates who will advance to the next round are Bro. Renato Celestial, Bro. Ruel Llano, Bro. Arman Ramos, Sis. Tita Mamaling, Sis. Juliet Gibas, Sis. Yvonne Biongan, Sis. Ann Janette Juntilla, Sis. Margie Tugas, Bro. Lester Cano, and Bro. Marcelino Cuevas Jr..

Next event to look forward to is the first monthly elimination round that will happen on July 2, 2021, Friday. All 10 qualifiers will be performing live in which the song genre will be decided by the judges. The event was then closed by Ptr. Gelerie Monares, ME Regional Conference OPIF Women of Faith President of Circle 1 stating, “With unity, perseverance, and faith in God, there is nothing that we can’t achieve for the glory of God.” Before the highlight of the event, the audience also had a chance to listen to the carrier single “Ipipikit Aming Mata” of OPIF’s very own first ever produced album.

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