“OPIF Inc. Unified Jericho March 2020”

“By faith the walls of Jericho fell down, after they were compassed about seven days.” (Heb. 11:30)


Prayers & Petitions are as follows:


- Outpouring of the Holy Ghost and manifestation of spiritual gifts on all OPIF churches especially during service.

- Success and victory of all OPIF churches plans and programs for 2020.

- Wisdom, humbleness, commitment, spiritual and physical strength for all the brethren especially to OPIF Board of Directors, Pastors, Ministers and elders.

- Tearing down the spiritual strong holds such as vices, immoralities, depravities and iniquities etc. within the churches and prospect souls.

- Unity among OPIF churches and brethren.

- Safety and security of all OPIF churches.

-More reach-out and churches to be established globally.

- More souls to be added in all OPIF churches.

- All other provisions according to church necessities.


- Spiritual salvation for our family.

- Love, joy, unity and peace among our families.

- Divine guidance, protection, good health and blessing (spiritual/material) for us and our love ones.

- Patience, love and understanding among parents towards their children.

- Divine guidance, wisdom, knowledge and submissive spirit for our children.

- Strong and harmonious relationship among husbands and wives.

- All other supplications according to family necessities.


- Divine intervention and guidance for our country.

- Divine wisdom and knowledge for our government leaders.

- True progress, more investment and economic stability for our country.

- Elimination of poverty and attain higher standard of living for our countrymen.

- Unity, humility and harmony among our countrymen especially our political leaders.

- Total eradication of graft and corruption in the government.

- Suppression of criminalities and political unrest in our country.

-God’s protection from all forms of calamities in our country, man-made or natural forces of nature (i.e. road accident, fires, typhoons, earthquake and volcanic eruptions etc.)

- All other concerns for our country.


- Job stability and financial provision for all the brethren.

- Divine guidance and success of personal future plans for all the brethren.

- All other provisions according to personal necessities.

 Prepared by:

Pastor Vergilio Rendon

Missionary Director, OPIF Board