Aren’t you tired of me yet?

posted in: Literary

I keep on running, You keep on following
I keep on turning, You keep on tapping
I keep on disobeying, You keep on loving
Aren’t you tired of me yet?

I always forget, You always remind
I always complain, You always say “It’s fine”
I always escape, but you always keep me in line
Aren’t you tired of me yet?­­

I keep on sinning, You keep on forgiving
I keep on losing, You keep on prevailing
I keep on crying, You keep on comforting
Aren’t you tired of me yet?

I feel guilty, I feel sorry
But you said, nothing to worry
You promised You’ll never leave me
Oh God, please don’t get tired of me

Now I know, God is not dead
He is alive and my only daily bread
My life is gloomy but you lighten up my day
Thank You Lord, you don’t get tired of me.

No wonder why You don’t get tired

Because You are unchanging God, the one I always strive
You are the beginning and the end
Yesterday, today, forever the same

I will be your servant and You are my Master
I will serve you Lord with gladness
Even during the times of sadness
And I will never get tired of serving You, my Jesus

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