From traditional print media to digital, OPIF Digest launches

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OPIF Philippines – The OPIF Digest publication, a religious and attached department of Board Education Ministry of OPIF Incorporated has finally launched its official website in an attempt to increase readership saturation.  

The outgoing OPIF Board Chairman Pastor Martino Cortan led the ceremonial ribbon cutting along with other Directors and NC officials followed by the pre-ceremonial grand video presentation and introduction of staff headed by the Ptr. Tyrone Reyes, the publication’s Editor-in-Chief during a grand launching held on August 2, 2019 during the celebration of OPIF Inc. 30th Founding Anniversary.

A “GO LIVE” website launching followed with several features of the site thoroughly explained while questions coming from the audience were carefully addressed. 

“Its vision to become the evangelism arm of the fellowship paved way for adopting a commercial nugget of “Reaching Souls Beyond Boundaries” which explained the approval of creating a website that is seen to trans-cross web spaces without barrier, unlike in print media where physical challenges limit readership spectrum” explained the OD Adviser. 

The publication initially released its printed maiden issue in national daily spreadsheets last April this year but failed to achieve target readership.

Readership spectrum for both news outlets was another variable that the team looked into prior to the launch. “The demand of digital is really expanding so it has a wider scope of readers, quick delivery of news and environmentally friendly including safety” shared Ptr. Tyrone Reyes, OPIF Digest Editor-in-chief in an interview.

“While we cannot deny the fact that printing cost for traditional print media is sky-rocketting, the only viable option to increase our readership is through a website along with social networking sites that can enhance our market saturation” added Ptr Tyrone Reyes, the Editor-in-Chief.

The newly launched website was fitted to serve as an extended evangelism arm to reach souls beyond boundaries. Ptr. Michael Sanchez, OPIF Digest advisor said “Since this is mobile friendly and social-media enhanced website, it increases the likelihood of reaching those afar off.”

“We are going to step up in the next couple of months our boosting capacities in all social media sites and introduce our evangelism articles to people and make them aware of the existence of an alternative news outfit which caters mainly the needs of their souls” explained Sister Sheila Gibas, OD New Section Editor. 

After the successful launch, the OPIF Digest team plans to sustain and make true its vision and mission of evangelism.