God’s Legacy Continues….OPIF 2020 Plans & Visions Unveiled

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We become what we envision ourselves to be....
Cartoonist: Bro. Joram Sugano

Our modern generation has an endless dynamic that gives every man a bigger picture of what lies ahead that reaches even the farthest point of the universe and swims across the deepest contact of the ocean. Our future is a riddle wrapped in a mystery of an enormous enigma that even the scholars, educators or scientists are next to nothing in unfolding the conundrum. Time remains doubtless in providing the answer of what the future has in store for all of us because as what the popular aphorism echoes “there is more to come”.

Our boundless potential is a palette that has different shades and colors to create a beautiful canvas. Most of the time, those colors will give us hundred different mixes if blended together, tantamount to opportunities in life. If we unite together regardless of our numbers, then we will create hundreds of possibilities. Chances are composite elements of both failures and success to a reality called “life”. Both appalling and appealing results are inevitable. One must face and surpass each test to accomplish its purpose.

As we continue to paddle our voyage in a cosmic pacific and atlantic of dreams and visions, OPIF Inc. is readier to all hurls and hurdles of robust winds and rogue waves that may impede its sailing. OPIF may be a neophyte since its founding in 2014 as freestanding non-profit religious organization, but not a tenderfoot in sharing and spreading the Gospel. Since 1984, formerly known as OASIS, its supreme zeal in winning souls endures a decade until now despite all adversaries.

OPIF Journey is not a path of gold. There are numerous massive rocks that trembles its foundations. It conceives a conveying magma that melts the passion and burns the desire of other members- sad to say. Despite this, OPIF does not envisage difficulties, because God is our solid rock where the church is built upon. Its implausible feat of navigation towards eternal life is a living proof that OPIF is making its mission and vision into life.



A vision is a doorway to history. What we envision is somehow the delineation of our future and the silhouette of our past. That is why, like others, OPIF is at par in propagating the Good News lining up to their increasing and growing family.

Talking about mission and vision, OPIF has exciting plans for 2020 all for the glory of God. First stop, to open new churches in Nueva Ecija and Tiaong Quezon, Philippines. Also, two churches in the Middle East (OPIF Dunes). Truly, the Word of God is reaching far across the globe. New babies will be added to its growing family.

Second on its bucket list, to start the construction of the first OPIF Church in Cuenca, Batangas, Philippines. Like others, the design of their church serves as the effigy of their organization. Likewise, OPIF aims the new building redefines its face and serves as a symbol of its foundation more than three decades ago.

Continuing with the feasibility study on establishing its own foundation after the triumphant blood donation campaign “Dugong Alay, Dugtong Buhay. OPIF believes that in sharing the Gospel, giving, indeed is an integral part.

Forming the quad, OPIF will launch its first Recording Studio and eventually release its own gospel song compositions. A gift of voice must be heard not only though preaching the Word of God but also through singing praises to Him.

High five to the last but definitely not the least, to launch the OPIF training and development program. The knowledge must be cultivated to a deeper understanding of God’s word because OPIF does not breed in a stagnant pool. Its breeding ground is situated in the solid roots of the truth – The Bible. We soar higher; we grow deeper.

The Bible is the similitude of our vision. Obeying and complying its guiding principles and greatest examples without compromising, as Jesus gave us a chief command that must be followed by all saints- The Great Commission. With all this and more, OPIF will continue to walk according to truth reaching the farthest places and accomplish the sharing of the Gospel into all creations.

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