OPIF Inc. World Mission launches “Operation COVID-19”; benefits Frontlines in Relief Goods, 125 families in Financial Assistance

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Photos above show OPIF Inc. Ministers and Pastors distributing relief goods to frontliners amidst the COVID-19 Enhanced Community Quarantine in several parts of the County. Photo Courtesy by: Resident Pastors/Ministers


Balamban, Cebu City – A total of 125 families in OPIF Philippines availed of monetary assistance in World Mission’s “Operation COVID-19” reach-out program launched on March 25, 2020 initially in this City amidst the enhanced community quarantine. Prior to the financial assistance provided to all OPIF members, frontliners were also provided with food packs as part of the reach-out objective which benefited a number of health workers and barangay police officers in certain localities.

Members of OPIF Philippines Sector 6 headed by Ptr. Noel Balanay, resident Pastor, were among the first responders to the Memorandum handed down by World Missions spearheaded by Ptr. Michael Benito, OPIF Board’s WM Director.

“This program is our initial response to the needs of our brethren in the Philippines amidst the enhanced community lockdown and in our simple way of showing we care, we originally come up with providing food packs specifically to our frontlines, however, due to issues in mobility, we shifted to extend financial assistance as well to all bonafide members of the congregation” Ptr. Benito said in an interview.

Ptr. Balanay wasted no time and distributed food products of different kinds to Barangay Nangka in Balamban. Among the beneficiaries were 10 health workers and 17 barangay police officers. A lists of prayer requests were also solicited from all beneficiaries as they remained thankful to the Lord for OPIF’s act of generosity.

In an interview with Pastor Balanay, he said “This is just a partial fulfillment of the project. The next day we will be giving assistance to another barangay which is in Cantuod, Combado where our church building is located at. May God bless the World Mission Director Ptr. Benito for the wisdom given to him by God to be able to come up with this project”.

A similar food distribution effort to frontlines were also launched in  Sector 1 San Mateo Rizal headed by Ptr. Marlon Martin, Sector 2 Binangonan Rizal headed by Ptr. Renato Furo, Sector 3 Laguna headed by Ptr. Solomon Belic, Sector 5 Cuenca Batangas headed Ptra. Herminigilda V. Aguila, Sector 7 Bicol headed by Ptr. Victor Notario Jr. and Sector 8 Pagadian headed by Ptr. Romel Galupo.

Partnered with NC Philippines WM Director Ptr. Victor Notario Jr., “Operation COVID-19” has also extended the first wave of financial help and/or relief goods to all OPIF families while the second wave of monetary assistance is set for distribution at the end of this month.

Ptr. Martin of Sector 1 San Mateo Rizal distributed relief goods to 20 families on April 14, 2020. This is after a follow up Memorandum sent by OPIF WM, this time to assist all of the 125 families actively supporting the work of God in the Philippines. Among the beneficiaries is the family of Bro. John Carlo Catiz, a musician in the church. When asked about their present situation, he narrated, “We are five in the family and two of us were working before the Enhanced Community Quarantine took effect. My sister also had just given birth this April. We are in a difficult situation right now.”

He added “We are already running out of budget and when it comes to food, my family relies solely on my salary loan. That’s why the assistance extended to us by our OPIF family is a great help and we are grateful in the family. God is so good and despite the struggle, we will remain positive for we know that God is with us and He is in control of the situation”.

With the success of “Operation COVID-19”, Ptr. Benito, appealed to all brethren in an interview to just stay home and pray. He added “this is an opportunity for us to have ample time to connect with God with less distractions around us. Let us respect the decision of those appointed by God to govern us may it be from the religious or the government sector. Together, with the help of our Lord JESUS CHRIST, we’ll get through this.”

“I would also like to thank the Board of Directors and all the Pastors, Ministers and members of OPIF Inc. worldwide who have extended a helping hand in coming up with certain amount to assist those who are in need especially in the Philippines” Ptr. Benito stressed in an interview. He hopes the second wave of financial assistance will surpass the current 125 assisted families.

COVID-19 pandemic has locked down several cities worldwide including in the Philippines and has since turned religious services into virtual Divine Worship world-wide.