OPIF-Philippines Education Team launches Online Leadership Training-Seminar

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MANILA - With the recent appointment of Directorship for OPIF Philippines National Council Education Team, at least 35 participants recently joined the Training Orientation held on 27 June 2020, a prelude to the formal online courses offered exclusively for all incumbent Pastors, National Directors, Deputy Pastors and select church elders of OPIF Philippines.

Headed by the newly appointed Directress of Education Team Philippines Ms. Rachele Neric-Alvarez with Deputy Directress Roxanne Cortan-Asio, the online training-seminar is aimed at enhancing and sustaining substantial leadership growth among ministers of OPIF congregation. Twenty six participants are expected to officially enroll in this 3-month long online crash course exclusively offered for those who are in leadership roles.

When asked what made her decide to offer crash courses to leaders of OPIF Philippines, Ms. Neric-Alvarez replied “because of the pandemic and since we are all in lockdown and congregating is not allowed, I wanted to take the chance to train the leaders of the church and to help them assess their situations and determine the current status of the church so that when things go back to normal they can manage the church well and win souls better”. She added that this is the best time to hold the program since not all are busy due to cancelled programs.

“Several management courses were offered which are deemed critical in the entire acquisition of knowledge-based and skill-based training programs which will benefit those who are in the leadership role” explained Ptr. Michael Sanchez, the Board of Director’s Education Head during an interview.

The program started with devotional praises followed by Opening Prayer and an overview of the training program and introduction of the first set of teachers to highlight what students can expect from the courses offered.

First batch of teachers lined-up included Ptr. Mateo Morales, the Board Secretary, Ptr. Michael Benito, the Board’s World Mission Director, Ptr. Raymond Reyes, NC Education Director of OPIF-Dunes and Ptr. Michael Sanchez, the current head of Board Education.

In his words of encouragement, the former Chairman of the Board Ptr. Martino Cortan emphasized on the importance of getting away with one-man-show rule which he told, “OPIF brethren were never accustomed to having such as we belong to one body of Christ with different roles to function”.

Ptr. Victor Notario, the current Overseer of OPIF Philippines encouraged everyone to remain committed to complete the course as any minister who is not committed to any task is bound to fail.

The same was echoed by the current Vice Chairman of the Board Ptr. Emiliano Neric who emphasized on the importance of Education while encouraging everyone to support the program for the betterment of all.

Meanwhile, the current Chairman of the Board Ptr. Allyn Gagarin made his way to exhort Ephesians 3:7 which says “Whereof I was made a minister, according to the gift of the grace of God given unto me by the effectual working of his power” and went on to say that we are all fortunate to have been chosen by God to lead the ministries.

The orientation lasted over a little 3 hours which was hosted by the Deputy Directress Ms. Cortan-Asio and attended by 8 of the 9 Board of Directors.

The online training seminar will begin on July 4, 2020 and is tentatively scheduled to end by September 26, 2020.