OYCM Dep’t Kicks-Off with Youth Fellowship Virtual Service

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ME Conference – Newly formed OPIF Youth and Children Ministry recently held its first Virtual Fellowship on April 24, 2021 which was participated in by all OPIF Youth Community here and abroad. This after the Board of Directors of OPIF Incorporated approved the creation of combined youth and children Ministry under the Program Directorship of Ptr. Matio Morales, OPIF Board Director.

Asked why this event is relevant, Director Morales responded “With the tremendous growth in the technology and Social Media Platforms, most of our Youth is exposed and influenced by this latest development. Today, our Youths are more vulnerable to the influence of the world in which the Apostolic Heritage is at risk and must be preserved for the next generation.”

He added that “due to the pandemic situation, it relevant and timely to organize and online event that promotes Apostolic Teaching and Doctrines for our Youth. Like the recent event of OYCM having a topic on The Apostolic Way of Courtship & Marriage, this Teachings provide our Youth an idea and guidelines how the Apostolic Youth should behave on this subject and not with the influence of the world”.

When prompted as to where he sees the OYCM is at 3 years from its inception, Director Morales replied “When I started to assume the Directorship of this newly established Department, I have started thinking on what the name for the department should be and came up with the OYCM Acronym which stands for “OPIF YOUTH and CHILDREN MINISTRY”. I have also formulated this five (5) Key Objective for the Department, 1. To Establish the Foundation of our Faith 2. To Nurture Talents & Skills 3. To Produce a Team Player Character 4. To Find out Leadership Potential 5. To Generate a Future Leaders. All the programs in the next 3years of the OYCM shall be driven with this five (5) Key Objectives. We will be Developing Youth Leaders for the next generation of OPIF. We will be seeing new talents with Apostolic Heritage Doctrine that will be the backbone of the organization”.

In the meantime, OYCM has lined up several activities for the year including Teacher’s Congress 2021 for and Unified Bible Study Lesson for Children Department and an Editorial Summit 2021 for the Youth on the 3rd Quarter of the year.

He added, “We will have the EDITORIAL SUMMIT 2021 for the Youth that will help us to develop their writing skills and to find a leadership potential to be part of the OPIF Digest Team in the Future. There are a lot more to expect in this Department with the help of my Team Bro. Thirdy Bueno, Sis. Shiela Gibas, Sis. Cheryl Calvo and Sis. Sheng Planas.

Director Morales envisions OYCM to become the backbone of the organization and the Future Leaders of OPIF Inc. to come from this group.

Several Pastors and Youth Leaders attended the event.