Pagadian Crusade Reaps 11 Souls to Water Baptism

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Above photo shows the OPIF Crusade Team during the 2-day evangelism crusade held in Saloagan, Dimataling, Zamboanga Del Sur.

Saloagan, Pagadian City - A total of 11 souls submitted to Water Baptism in 2 nights crusade held in Barangay Saloagan, Pagadian City, on March 7 & 8, 2019, just days before OPIF-PHIL S8 Pagadian was officially inaugurated.

The first day crusade which had 60 attendees lasted for 2 hours and reaped 7 souls to submit to water baptism in Jesus name while the second day crusade had 80 attendees and 4 souls newly baptized.

“There was a power interruption on the second day of crusade which began from 7 in the morning and thank God the power resumed at 7:30PM”, explained Pastor Victor Notario, the current Overseer of OPIF Philippines National Council, in a report submitted to the news team.

The crusade was part of the pre-inaugural activity of S8 Pagadian. The event was hosted by Pastor Rommel Galupo, the resident Pastor, Pastor Victor Notario, OPIF PHIL NC Overseer, Pastor Noel Balanay, the NC Home Missions Director and Pastor Solomon Belic, S3 resident Pastor.

Prior to the crusade, tracks were distributed to nearby residents which turned out helpful as evidenced by the number of attendees during the crusade.