Ptr. Allyn Gagarin takes on new tasks; wins both NC Overseer, BOD Vice-Chairmanship Elections

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OPIF DUNES – Ptr. Allyn Gagarin finally took Oath of Office as the next National Overseer in an election widely seen as a lopsided solo run win held on August 2, 2019 coinciding the celebration of the fellowship’s 30th Founding Anniversary. 

This happened after both contenders to the post Ptr. Rico Lucas and Ptr. Villi Solomon declined their nominations in a separate meeting held prior to the grand election, only to express support to a solo nomination of Pstr. Gagarin. This made his nomination unchallenged all the way to election day and secured him no less than the highest authority of a national leadership. 

Ptr. Gagarin succeeded outgoing overseer Ptr. Diosdado Medado, of which 3 years term of office ended this year.

In his acceptance speech after the Oath-taking and Handover ceremonies, the newly elected Overseer addressed the congregation by stressing the importance of continuity, renewal and reaffirmation of OPIF mission. 

“I encourage each one of you to continue doing your best in your respective churches. Have a heart full of courage. Let us have unity to pray, for that will be your best weapon to win the battle and overcome the challenges ahead”, Ptr. Gagarin said in a speech.

True to his words, his election to the Office of National Overseer appeared not only the sole challenge up for him, not just yet.

In a parallel move to fill vacancies in the OPIF Board directorship, an emergency meeting was held on August 11, 2019 where Ptr. Gagarin, in a row, was unanimously elected as the OPIF Board Vice-Chairman. This happened after Ptr. Martino Cortan expressed his intent to vacate Vice-Chairmanship post he is supposed to assume.

In an interview by the Digest staff to Ptr. Michael Sanchez, the current Board Education Director, he said the election of Ptr. Gagarin to a multi-level offices was unprecedented as it did not only happen in a row, it involved offices highest of a national leadership and second highest of a Board line of authorities.

“Personally, I saw this as God’s favor to the fellowship and He must have seen something in the leadership of Ptr. Allyn that would positively impact the organization. I am excited and elated to anticipate new things in the entire organization knowing we also have a new Board Chairman in the person of Ptr. Emil. This is going to be exciting and my prayers and support go to both leaders”, Ptr. Sanchez said in an interview.

Prior to these new roles, Ptr. Gagarin previously served as a Senior Pastor of Sector 2 and Presbyter of Circle 1 from 2016 to 2019. 

The BOD issued Resolution No. BR-OPIF-BR-001/s.2019 attesting this move right after the meeting.