Rock of My Salvation by Desert Psalms Worship : A Song Review

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Photo Courtesy by Halie West on Unsplash

“Teary-eyed”, this is how I described myself as I was listening to this wonderful song. I was astounded by the message of the song and how it vocally rendered and while listening, I felt God’s enveloping presence up to the last line of the song. It did touch my soul down to my deepest core and connected me to God in a very special way.

The song Rock of my Salvation is an original composition of The Desert Psalms and it is part of the first-ever internationally produced album of OPIF Inc. entitled “Ipipikit Aming Mata” which was distributed internally, within the organization. I have high respect to the composer who was then so inspired for making this so timely and to Ptr. Michael Sanchez who soulfully sang the song. We cannot deny how his vocal calisthenics purified with the rifts and runs. But what was so appealing is the heart and emotion being poured in to it. That’s why he and the team had a Holy Ghost revival while doing the recording.

“He is my fortress, I will not be shaken”. Absolutely, God is our fortress. He is our strength in times that we are at our weakest. He gives us light for us to walk in the right direction of life. He does miracles to remind us every day that He is always there and that He will never leave us alone. God is the source of all the blessings that we are now reaping to the fullest. But that’s not just what God wants to evoke through this song. He also wants to remind everyone that no matter what happens, we must not be shaken, and we must continue serving, praising Him, and be grateful for everything that’s happening in our lives. Remember, regardless of any situation, God will always be great and will continue to do great things for His children.

“My soul finds rest in You”. Indeed, my soul finds rest in God’s presence. I was once an ordinary man who loved to do worldly things because I thought those were the things that can give me satisfaction in life. Gratefully, I have known a friend who introduced God into my life and it changed my whole being from being wretched to a person who is now serving God. This has given me the true contentment. Truly, if you’re in God’s presence, you have nothing more to ask because it’s Him who is everything we need in our lives.

“I called to You, You answered me”.  Amen and amen! It only means that whatever we are going through, we can call Him any time, pray to Him at any place, and He will surely hear us. When people have problems and issues in life, they prefer to be with friends and escape from the reality, not knowing the danger what lies ahead of them. They ought to enjoy and get away from their toxic life in a moment. But they forget that in any catastrophe we have a God that we can talk to and cry on, and can give us a solution to any problem. We tend to forget that He exists because in the back of our minds, we’re thinking that there’s no one who can help us but ourselves alone. It costs us no penny by crying and praying to Him. We can even save our cents and more importantly, make us closer to God.

Truly this song inspires many listeners. This made me realize how God works every day in our lives. There might be times that we are weak but there is no reason for us to give up. There is no reason for us to turn our backs to God. Remember in any circumstance, make it a lifestyle to praise His name. God is the Rock of our salvation and He will always be. Live life with Him, and one day you will come to realize that you are living your life just like a river with overflowing blessings.

Psalms 62:2 says “He only is my rock and my salvation; he is my defense; I shall not be greatly moved”.

Lastly, literally and figuratively, the metaphor applies.  He is the Rock on which the church is built. Salvation in which the foundation of The Gospel is made of. The church on the rock is not an edifice of stones or bricks but a great assembly of every living stones standing on that solid rock.  The reason why we will not be shaken, because God says so. Matthew 16:18 “and I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it”.

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