The Five Working Ministries and How They Operate

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The Five Working Ministries envisage to create a harmonious workflow where ministries are linked into a coordinated, step by step system of Gospel propagation. It starts with the World Mission being the mapping team or location mapper of areas where Christianity is remote. It is tasked to visit, make demographic studies and come up with a community profile to assess actual ground conditions for possible missionary works. It carries the vision of ensuring “Gospel Propagation Beyond Boundaries”, to places seem unreachable and make the Word of God saturate in communities, where there used to be none, but such will soon become a thing of the past.

Missionary Ministry is composed of a team ready to hit the road and make its vision a reality. Missionary team envisions to establishing “Churches upon this Rock” of Matthew 16:18, where Christ is the chief cornerstone. This team, equipped with God’s wisdom and guided by the Holy Ghost, mobilizes to places, already pre-screened by the World Mission Team, and begin its missionary works, propagating the Gospel Truth to remote communities. At a given time frame, cell grouping shall be launched and reinforced until they become a full-pledged Church. Then the mission continues to places where there is none.

The 3rd Team to hit the road are the evangelists. They are tasked to edify the newly inaugurated churches and new converts through successive works of evangelism. It sets the vision to “Keep the word of God Ablaze” in new converts therefore, crusade works, Holy Ghost rallies and all forms of evangelism activities shall be in place and pioneered by this team. At a given time frame, the newly formed churches shall be endorsed to the next team player in order to receive a formal classroom studies.

The 4th team to mobilize and reinforce the Church is the Education Team, composed of well-trained trainors and teachers, with ready access to a vast teaching materials, grouped into a sequence of significance as may be applicable. It adheres to making “Word that Transforms, a Global Phenomenon” in the performance of its tasks. It has a marching order to ensuring best theological learning experience, by deeply committing ourselves to “Teach, Develop, Enhance and Sustain” from Christian conversion to transformation on to a achieving the reproductive state.

Formal Bible Studies, from basics to doctrinal topics will be administered. In special cases where seminars and leadership programs are required, the same group shall send able teachers to do this task, therefore ensuring a pre-defined spiritual growth pattern among newly converts.

The Home Mission Ministry reinforces order in the Church which begins in simply administering and make known to all its members the established protocols, policies and procedures of the OPIF, Inc. Fellowship. Being a member of the organization requires a clear understanding of what we believe in and what we desire for, therefore all existing policies have to be clearly laid down in newly formed churches to ensure compliance. Updates of such policy, when applicable, shall be published and communicated accordingly for proper dispense of action as well as compliance down to its affiliate local sectors. Administration of Fellowship Services are standardized, making this Ministry, the “Order Keeper” of all affiliate churches.

Truly, the Board of Directors of OPIF, Inc. is committed to strengthening our ministerial functions, carefully adhering to the very core values and tenets of the Fellowship. We shall continue to formulate and adopt changes in ways that will enhance our operations as a registered religious organization and will never loose our common vision until we all come in the fullness of time that we all see our maker face to face.

And so by saying, we adopt the motto “The Five Working Ministries - Don’t break the Chain”.

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