Torn Bible Pages; They Made Me Whole

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There are lots of social factors not only psychological that affect our youth. Moral delinquency of youth nowadays is really a widespread. At one point in my life, I was one of those youths. I remember, my peers and I, usually spend the night till dawn doing marijuana spree. We don’t care about the effect, what matters to us is to pacify our hunger. We always cause trouble with our neighborhoods. We even came to the point of tearing every page of the Bible. We are using the pages in sniffing marijuana. The power of influence totally drowned me.

Until one night, while I was alone in my bed, I had so much realizations. I really wanted to change my life, my perspectives, my path… everything. I feel drained and exhausted. I already wasted much of my youth. I want to erase those bad days. I want a new version of myself.

One day, a friend of mine encouraged me to work overseas. I originally applied for a welder, but the agency told me that there was no available post and might take time if I will wait. They offered me another job instead, if I am interested to be a machinist. Without much knowledge about the nature of the job, I accepted it. I just simply want to stay away from the influence of marijuana.  When I first stepped in my foot to Middle East year 2010, I felt relieved. I felt that something is going to happen, though at first, I didn’t know what exactly it is. New place, new people, new environment, everything is new. I never thought that even myself will become new. During my stay in the camp, I met Bro. Nestor Galang, whom I considered as my father faith in Christ. God paved the way for both of us, because God has a better plan for me.

Not long after I met him, he invited me to attend the church. I was afraid and skeptical then. I never expected that in this place inhabited by desert, there are churches. When we were already inside the church, my heart broke down. I saw everyone reading Bibles. I saw them how they handle the Bible with care; how they scrupulously browse every page.  My senses brought me back to my past, how I treated the Bible. I felt so guilty and ashamed. God made me realize that those pages of the Bible that I ripped off are the same pages who will make me whole. Despite of who I was, God still loves me. Now I know, that it was all God’s call why I am here now.

I was baptized in water In Jesus Name, September 04, 2010.  From then on, I continue serving God. A God who called me out from darkness into His marvelous light. A marijuana addict before, is now addicted to God’s word. A nuisance before, now a servant of God. For the glory of God, I am now the Deputy Pastor of Sector 1 church. A living testimony, that we when we surrender yourself to God, no matter how hideous it is, God will make it a beautiful masterpiece.

A living testimony, that when you surrender yourself to God, no matter how hideous it is, God will make it a beautiful maspterpeice

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