13 Souls Submit to Water Baptism in Jesus Name in Online Evangelism Crusade

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Photos by: Digest Philippines


MANILA - Thirteen participants submitted in Water Baptism in Jesus name while 16 have expressed willingness to follow suit in OPIF Inc. maiden Online Evangelism Crusade held on July 26, 2020 here in this City.

Philippine participants were joined by those from USA, Canada, Australia, Taiwan and the Middle East faithful while close to 200 overall have reportedly joined in, 40 of whom were visitors.

This year’s theme “Together We are One” expounded one common goal which is to share the Gospel of Jesus to all visitors online consistent with the Great Commission instructions by Jesus in Mathew 28:19-20.

When asked during an interview what made him come up with the idea of launching a virtual crusade, Pastor Michael Benito, the current World Mission Director of OPIF Inc. Board said “I see this Pandemic as a challenge to all Christians. If the enemy thought this situation can be used to stop the work of God by inhibiting saints from congregating and evangelizing, then let’s prove the devil wrong and use this more to our advantage in spreading God’s Word to win more souls for the Lord.”

He added, “In this modern time, before the pandemic, our electronic gadgets became the hindrance to evangelism. But this time, we are going to use these resources to give glory to our Lord”.

Sis. Gelerie Monares shared a faith-boosting testimony on how the Lord healed her and her husband from the COVID-19 infection recently. This was followed by a sequence of lectures on Faith, Sin, Repentance, Water Baptism in Jesus Name and Holy Ghost Baptism, all delivered by select OPIF leaders.

Also in attendance were OPIF Philippines Senior Leadership Pastor Victor Notario Sr., National Council Overseer, Pastor Noel Balanay, Sector 6 Resident Pastor and National Council Home Mission Director and Pastor Martino Cortan, the Chairman Emeritus. All have exhorted highlighting the Lord has come to save those which were lost.

In his preaching piece, Bro. Rene Bagonoc of Sector 8- OPIF Dunes, quoted boldly the passage written in Acts 4:12, “Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.” He emphasized on the importance of submitting on to the Name of JESUS in Water Baptism.

The online crusade was headed by the OPIF Board World Mission and in joint effort with the OPIF Philippines World Mission Director, OPIF Philippines Evangelism Director and OPIF Philippines Missionary namely Pastor Victor Notario Jr., Pastor Solomon Belic, and Pastor Renato Furo respectively.

The program hosted by Pastor Benito himself lasted for 5 hours and ended with an announcement for another event to look forward to in the next month which is the Healing Crusade.