Death: The Icon of War

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Photo Courtesy: Daniel Joshua on Unsplash The spoils of every war are death, shattered dreams, and absence of freedom. The idea of nationalism is pervading, while every strong nation is wanting economic and territorial gain. Every power earned death is … Read More

Ang Tunay na Kalayaan

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Photo Courtesy by Basil James on Unsplash Ako’y nagbunyi ng aking marinig ang sigaw, Malaya, Malaya, Malaya! Ang mga tinig at hiyawan ay umalingawngaw Sigaw ng lahat, paghihirap ay tapos na   Mga matatapang na sundalo na lumaban Kasama ang … Read More

The New Normal

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Photo credit: Frauke Riether from Pixabay Would you rather live inside your comfort bubble or rather toss yourself to the unknown? Change is constant. Change is inevitable. But not all people embrace change. It is difficult to some, while others … Read More

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