Hidden But Never Forgotten

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You are the best, I’m sorry and I love you.
Three phrases I want to tell you.
These words that are forgotten over time.
As I grew up, focusing on finding the meaning of I.

In my eyes as a child, you are always been the best,
I couldn’t even let other children, to tell me you are less.
In our every competition, you rise above the rest,
The fairest, the strongest, and the best dad ever.

Then growing up came, the word best, was turned to hate,
The contest with the excellent one, became the most terrible one.
And in every comparison, you have top it all.
The most controlling & protective, and I hate you for it all.

And from then on, your joy turns into sadness.
I saw the light that once filled your eyes, had now turned into darkness.
Because the once best dad had now turned into, I hate you dad,
You long to hear the word "I'm sorry, dad", which I never uttered and totally forgotten.

And so, years passed, I became an adult,
Bad things happened, I blame it as your fault,
Until I met Jesus, and then maturity came.
Because of Him, slowly I was changed.

Jesus had shown me, how flawed I am,
Ungrateful and underserving of the great “I AM”.
He came into my life not to control, but rather to guide.
Every day, protecting, fearing that I might fall apart.

Jesus made me realize all of the pain you’ve been through.
The things you've sacrificed because your love is true.
How patiently you waited, for your child to return.
To once again hear, words that are pleasant to the ear.

I know it took me a while, but thank God, I was able to do this in time.
For your pain, for your worries, I just want to say "I’m sorry dad".
Your status as the best, in my heart it was never changed,
I was selfish and foolish for thinking I was wise.

Thank you, Dad, for never giving up.
For looking after me, even now I am grown up.
I want you to know that I love you always.
These words, were only hidden, but never forgotten.

Happy Father’s Day!

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