My lovely wife : A Mother’s Day Special

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Photo by Benjamin Manley of Unsplash


My lovely wife,

You might have thought my love for you is fading as your beautiful black hair slowly turns grey.

Actually, I heard you said that one time.

But you are wrong.

In fact it is the other way around.

Because my love for you has grown stronger and deeper each day.

And I’m amazed.

How can it not grow when just by looking at you, you remind me of God’s unfeigned and unending love.


You know that writing letters is unusual to me.

Just like how seldom I give you flowers.

This is just not my style.

But it doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate you.

Because believe me I do.

I absolutely admire everything that you do.

More than my wife who loves and supports me dearly, you are an amazing mother, a role you played best since the beginning.

For this reason, I called myself blessed.


I remember when you were bearing our first child, an unpleasant, unexpected event happened.

The doctor told us that our baby might not be able to make it.

I was waiting.

I was there, ready to comfort you.

But You didn’t say a single word to me.

Instead, you turned to God and desperately cried for help.

You just didn’t stop until you were told our baby’s fine.

Such love you have for our child I cannot forget.

How can you love that much when you haven’t seen our little one yet.


That moment I know I am blessed with a wife who’s not just beautiful but wise.

It’s more than enough for me that you know exactly whom to turn to when things get rough.

The thought of it just made me feel so secure.

Because I know you have faith that can light up even the darkest day of our lives.

I respect you and I’m proud you are my wife.


One thing I pray is for our children to grow deeply rooted in God just like their Mother.

I know you’ll be their guide so victory will always be on their side.

I’m in awe of God’s goodness in our life.

His love, His favor seems to have no end.

Today and forever, praise and honor we give to His wonderful Name!



I won’t mention our names in this letter.

I’m afraid our brethren in church are smart to know who are we.

So neither will I write our initials here.

But to you, my Love, I know you already have a clue.

To confirm that this letter is really for you, here’s a cheesy line I always sing to make you laugh hard when you’re blue...

“Skiddy-mer-rink-a-dink-a-boomp, skiddy-mer-rink-a-doo, I LOVE YOU!”

Happy Mother’s Day!


Love and Prayers,

You Know Who