NC Leadership gears up; holds Parliamentary Procedures & Communication Protocol Seminar

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OPIF ME Conference – “There is always a room for Learning”. This familiar adage appears true to the National Leadership of OPIF Inc. ME Conference as it held the first mixed-virtual and face-to-face seminar workshop on “The Parliamentary Rules and Procedures” and “Introduction to OPIF Communication Protocol” on April 30, 2021.

The seminar, intended only to key Officials of the National Council was participated in by close to 30 current leaders of the Council which aimed at equipping the Leaders with the right skills as they run each of their respective departments, now with the world renowned standards and widely accepted to be fast and effective way to move internal meetings and related processes.

“OPIF Inc. is a growing family and the need to adapt a system widely regarded as to make every meeting and communication effective is no longer a want but an organizational need”, said Director Tyrone Reyes, the current Board Secretary of OPIF Inc. during the lecture.

Director Tyrone Reyes lectured on the topic “Introduction to OPIF Communication Protocol” and discussed the guidelines and procedures related to Communication workflow from a level of hierarchical standpoint. “There seems to be a need to standardize our communication protocol internally and externally knowing we are an international organization and this is what this seminar is aimed at”, added Director Reyes during an interview.

Director Michael Sanchez, the currently appointed head of the Board Home Missions spearheaded this activity as part of the collaborative partnership with the Board Education Director headed by Director Raymond Reyes.

Director Sanchez provided a tailored and custom-fit discussion on the Parliamentary Rules and Procedures and ran through each meeting segment with clear and ready to use parliamentary phrases and languages prescribed under the Robert’s Rules of Order.

“This procedure will provide a straight forward approach and accountability system on how the approval process is reflected and moved in each meeting and when properly adapted, the Parliamentary Authority becomes the basis of the Council’s approval of each transaction process”, said Director Sanchez during a close to 2-hour lecture.

Sis. Cheryl Calvo, the NC Secretary said in an interview “It’s very interesting and a great privilege to learn and enhance our etiquette during meetings. The topic promotes cooperation and harmony among members”, when asked how did she find the seminar. She went on to say “Definitely, it’s a very big advantage to adapt such rules in the organization to run effective and productive meetings, in a certain way and not jumping from one topic to another without resolving or deciding on the main motion and also for other members not disrupt the meeting with their own personal agenda. It would also be beneficial especially among members to maintain a respectful behavior when participating”.

Seminar hand-outs were provided to participants while the usual exchange of questions and answers followed right after each topic was delivered.  The seminar lasted for over 5 hours.

The same seminar will be conducted to the South East Asia Pacific Conference later this year.