OPIF Bahrain Celebrates Victory for 8th Church Anniversary

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Photo Courtesy: Sis. Christel De Asis, OPIF Correspondent

Above photos were taken during the 8th Year Anniversary celebration of OPIF Bahrain.


Bahrain --- OPIF Bahrain celebrated its 8th Anniversary last December 10, 2021. Thirty five (35) attended the said event but others who missed it were still able to witness the service through the livestream posted in OPIF Global Community group page. “Called to Prosper” is the theme for this year’s celebration with Deuteronomy 29:9 as its key verse, “Keep therefore the words of this covenant, and do them, that ye may prosper in all that ye do.”

The anniversary celebration began with singing of praise unto the Lord and a devotional prayer led by Bro. Angelito Galapon Jr., MOF President, and Pastor Lester Soleminio, Director of Desert Psalms Worship and also serving as Education and Music Director of OPIF Bahrain, respectively. It was then followed by the church’ Evangelism Director and Deputy Pastor Ronnie Rufino, formally opening the service with a prayer. “Brethren in Christ, we need to have a thankful heart at all times in whatever situation we have because the Lord has been so good to us and He has given us blessings more than we deserve”, said Sis. Josephine Eugenio, Head of Ushering and Children Ministry of OPIF Bahrain, as she exhorted on 1 Thessalonian 5:18 in her Opening Manna

“In our 8th year Anniversary, I feel the church is getting stronger and that the Spirit of God is working in all of us. We’ve been through a lot of trials and difficulties, yet the church is still standing”, said Pastor Rolando Galang, the church’ resident pastor in his Welcome Address. He proceeded thanking everyone who has been a part of the victory being celebrated by the church. And right after his message, the visitors in the event were warmly welcomed by the congregation and were prayed for by Pastor Galang himself.

Shortly afterwards Pastor Josephine Galang, the pastor’s wife was called to refresh everyone’s memory of the church’ history of God’s goodness. “Glory to God in the highest for 8 years that our Lord JESUS Christ has been our foundation. He who’s our Chief Cornerstone. We started with only five (5) members in the church ---our family of three and a sister in Christ with her daughter. With our pastor’s tithes and the offering gathered in the church, we had bought chairs, a projector, and everything we needed in the church”, she mentioned as she recalled the church’ simple beginnings and of how God faithfully prospered His church in Bahrain. She continued, “After the pandemic, we have witnessed how God moves in levelling up His church, making His church stronger, more dedicated, and serving God faithfully more than ever before. Indeed, we are so blessed because we are all called to prosper.”

Following are the words of encouragement shared by Pastor Jun Estacio, resident pastor of OPIF Abu Dhabi, and Pastor Allyn Gagarin, the Chairman of the Board. “God wants to bless us. I do believe that if our focus is to worship God, all heaven’s blessings will be showered upon us. Let us keep in our hearts our covenant to the Lord, living in the will of God and not in our own will. And God will fulfill His promise to prosper us”, said Pastor Estacio. On the other hand, the Chairman of the Board started his message by informing the congregation about the churches they can go to once they go back home to the Philippines. “We will be victorious in all things, in all the trials that we’ll go through, in all temptations. We’ll be victorious because we have a God who has promised that He will never leave us nor forsake us”, added Pastor Gagarin. Pastor Vergilio Rendon, National Overseer of OPIF M.E. Conference, who’s attending another event, took time to greet and shared some words for the edification of the church. Bro. Arman Ramos who’s with Pastor Rendon also grabbed the chance to greet OPIF Bahrain in their anniversary.

After hearing the words of wisdom of the elders, the saints of OPIF Bahrain offered a special song unto God. It was then followed by the living testimonies shared by some of our brethren from Bahrain ---Sis. Rizza Dimasupil, Sis. Rose Arago, Sis. Precious Billones, and Bro. Ian Amanwis. There were also some foreign nationals who were present and had shared God’s goodness in their lives ---Bro. Avinash, an Indian national and Bro. Salum Anjum, a Pakistani. Bro Avinash said in his testimony, “I am glad to testify about the goodness of God in my life. In the beginning of this year, I was a wandering soul. I was lost and didn’t know the purpose of my life. And in the end of the year, December, I am now a different person, a new creation in Christ. I thank JESUS for all the blessings. I am grateful I was baptized and had been released from all chains by the blessings of God.”

Bro. Salum, on the other hand, who was introduced by the host as being diligent in sharing God’s word, was scheduled supposedly to go to back to his country for a vacation but decided to stay to celebrate with the saints of OPIF Bahrain. Bro. Salum said, “Today, I am very happy to see all my brothers and sisters. Everyone has a story to share and even though, life has been tough, we are satisfied and it’s because of the hope we have in JESUS CHRIST. I have so many testimonies and everyone who have known JESUS in their life will also have a testimony of their own. And if we have known JESUS and we don’t have one, then we have to check our connection with Him.” And before he ended his testimony, he left a challenge to reach even just one soul in a month to witness rejoicing in the heavens.

The Children Ministry also offered a dance praise unto God and shared their memory verses. Next were the MOF’s song presentation and WOF’s drama skit. The skit had 3 scenes. One was all about a promoted employee who has forgotten about God, another was a group of performers who rejected God’s call, and lastly, a philanthropist who had a medical condition who also had denied Christ. The skit ended with all the characters having a realization in their lives that prosperity isn’t just about material things or wealth but about giving your life as a living sacrifice to God, offering your time, talents, and treasures.

It was then followed by an exhortation for tithes and offering by Sis. Claire Abeshia and the Praise and Worship which was led by Sis. Honey Rose Las Piñas and Sis. Hannah Lyn Galang, the Youth Vice-President and President, respectively. After which was the presentation of the Youth Ministry which did a Spoken Poetry with a title “Unwanted by Men, Wanted by God.” And shortly after, the Messenger of the Word of God, Pastor Michael Sanchez, BOD – Home Missions, was introduced by the resident pastor of OPIF Bahrain. And as Pastor Galang introduced the preacher, he became teary eyed reminiscing the preacher’s humble beginnings in the ministry and he was being appreciative of how God molded the servant of the Lord to be a man he is right now being mightily used by God in the OPIF Organization. Pastor Sanchez was then gifted a Plaque and a token of Appreciation for being the Guest Speaker of the event.

Pastor Sanchez before he delivered the message of the Lord, rendered a song for the Lord. “I don’t want to give you false assurances that when you joined the fellowship today, you’re going to have the material blessings you’re dreaming of the very next day. The Bible says to never store treasures on earth where mold and rust can destroy it and which thieves can steal. The Lord is telling us today that there’s more to prosperity than those anchored in physical dimensions”, Pastor Sanchez said in his preaching.

He continued saying, “If our mind is set on prosperity as acquiring material blessings then that’s contrary to what JESUS is teaching. Real prosperity has to transcend beyond the physical dimensions. It has to transcend spiritually. And now, God has an invitation for us to sign up and to keep signed in because there are more people out there who needs to know that there’s life after physical death. We need to share the gospel. We are called to share God’s goodness to others so that those who are in darkness will know the truth and experience the prosperity God has promised us in His Kingdom.”

The six hour anniversary celebration which concluded with a great Holy Ghost revival was hosted by Sis. Christel De Asis, the church’ World Missions Directress.


---with reports from OPIF Correspondent Pastor Lester Soleminio---