OPIF Desert Psalms Worship Releases “Ipipikit Aming Mata” Worship Album

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SEA Conference – In a rare move to deepen faithful in worship, OASIS Pentecostal International Fellowship through its Music Department Desert Psalms Worship finally releases its first Worship Album featuring the song “Ipipikit Aming Mata” and 6 other original songs and 5 cover songs.

Close to 170 USB Album where distributed on release day while orders coming from other affiliates are ready for shipment. This is internally distributed as part of the fund raising campaign to support programs of the department.

The album, modernly made in a USB ID-type and manufactured in Dubai were exclusively made available only to OPIF members and are not intended for commercial distribution.

In an interview with DP Lester Soleminio, the Director of DP Worship, he said the album took time to be released due to the pandemic and lockdown protocol while the composition of original songs also contributed to the delays.

“It is really difficult to produce an album considering the project planned to produce 7 original songs but with the grace and guidance of God, we made it this far”, said Ptr. Michael Sanchez in an interview.

The album’s original songs include Ipipikit Aming Mata, Hesus Ikaw ang Kanlungan, Dios and May Lalang, You are God, You are My Refuge, Rock of My Salvation and In a Wink of an Eye.

Vocalists of this Album include Sis. Noriza Gulferic, Bro. Thirdy Bueno and Ptr. Michael Sanchez while instruments were played by DP Lester Soleminio on Keyboard, Ptr. Nike Catubigan on drums and Ptr. Reynaldo Mangubat on Base guitar. Sound Technician includes Bro. Franco Quiminales, Production Assistant by Bro. Resty Alipio and Mixing and Mastering by DP Lester Soleminio.

Composers include DP Lester Soleminio, Ptr. Michael Sanchez and Bro. Michael Cruz, while Lyricist in most English original songs is Ptr. Tyrone Reyes.

Original songs will be made available on Desert Psalms Youtube channel.