OPIF Inc. Middle East holds GENCON 2023; Unveils Plan to Build Headquarters

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Below photos were taken during the OPIF GENCON 2023 courtesy to Bro. Jake Llabres Rabelas


OPIF Middle East - Oasis Pentecostal International Fellowship Inc. (OPIF Inc.) held on February 17 this year its General Conference 2023 participated in by Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, the rest from the Middle East and virtually from the Philippines. In attendance were exclusively from  the Board of Directors, National Council Leadership, District Leaders and Pastors as well as local ministers. The vice chairman Ptr. Emiliano Neric  welcomed everyone to the conference.

This year’s conference theme “Leaders Uplift Others”, an excerpt from the Book of Philippians 2:3-4, captured the organization's vision toward empowering leaders, creating a strong and sustainable Fellowship in years to come.

In his Conference Divine Message, guest speaker Ptr. Raymond Reyes, the sitting Board Education Director and Communications Director emphasized the difference between leaders “working for God” and Leaders “Working with God”, where the latter best exemplifies a leadership that heavily depends on God’s side by side leading  than the former’s reliant to own leadership, which is meant to fail.The conference highlighted the 2022 Achievement Report delivered by the sitting Chairman of the Board Ptr. Allyn Gagarin while its plans and visions unveiled several key measures including  proposed legislation on a Human Capital Strategy effectively creating HR Department, Middle East National Council Church propagation strategy, Bahrain and Abu Dhabi future plans and visions, all of which were presented by Ptr. Michael Sanchez of Home Missions, Board Education Director Ptr. Raymond Reyes, Ptr. Vergilio Rendon, the current ME-NC Overseer and Board Missionary Director, Ptr. Rolando Galang of OPIF Bahrain and Deputy Ptr. Edsrafel Andales of OPIF Abu Dhabi respectively.Meanwhile, OASISCARES Foundation Incorporated Chairman Ptr. Michael Sanchez also presented the current state of the Foundation as well as its 3-Year Business Plan.The main highlight of the General Conference this year however, was the plan to build “OPIF Inc. Headquarters” of which a building perspective including  proposed floor plans, location, costing, schedule and strategic actionable items were presented by Ptr. Mateo Morales, the current OPIF Youth and Children Ministry Director (OYCM). The proposed building  perspective was initially architected by Bro. Rene Ramos, the current Director of ME-NC EHSS department.

Several attendees were also accorded  Service Award for their 5 years of service in the ministry.

This year’s hosts were Sis. Myra Ciceron, Board Secretary and Ptr. Fernando Planas, OM&WF Board Director. Desert Psalms ME brought forth psalms and hymns during the worship service.