OPIF M.E. Sector 1 Kicks Off Celebration of 36th Church Anniversary

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Photo Courtesy: Bro. Sonny Dalapo of OPIF ME Sector 1

Above photos were taken during the 36th Year Anniversary celebration of OPIF ME Sector 1.


M.E. Regional Conference - OPIF M.E. S1 which is the oldest, long-standing operating sector of the OPIF Organization, celebrated its 36 years in the ministry last December 10, 2021. A total of 135 brethren rejoiced with them in their anniversary celebration. Seen in this big event were the Chairman of the Board, Pastor Allyn Gagarin, together with some Board of Directors and some OPIF Pastors from the region. Some brethren who weren’t able to make it to the venue had joined the celebration via Zoom meeting.


A week before the anniversary, Pastor Eugene Guasis, resident pastor of OPIF M.E. S1, called the congregation for a Chain Prayer and Fasting to ensure the victory of the long awaited event. The church had united to pray for anointing for all pulpit ministers in the said day, most especially for the bearer of God’s message, Pastor Michael Benito, BOD - World Missions and Resident Pastor of OPIF M.E. S13. They also prayed for God’s provision and the safety of all attendees.


The day started with a reminder from Bro. Joey Jaramillo about the Safety Guidelines which were to be complied with by everyone present in the event and then followed by Bro. Edwin Buenaventura leading the saints in the Devotion and Opening Song. Next, Pastor Joselito Monares, OPIF M.E. S4 Resident Pastor, was asked to formally open the service with a prayer. The program continued then with a quick look back on the rich history of the church. In connection with this, OPIF M.E. S1 prepared ten (10) questions to refresh everyone’s memory about the church history. In addition, they showed photos of them from 1989 up to present. And shortly afterwards, Pastor Guasis, uttered praises and thanksgiving to God in his Opening Remarks.


Brethren from other OPIF M.E. Sectors like S5, S8, and S2 shared their congratulatory messages and had rendered songs of praises unto the Lord. There were also some leaders and elders of the organization who were given the opportunity to share some Words of Wisdom such as the Presbyters of Circle 1 and 2, Pastor Rico Lucas and Pastor Jhun Capili respectively. Pastor Capili offered a song too after his message. Overseer of M.E. Conference, Pastor Virgilio Rendon, was also present to grace the event and shared some Words of Encouragement to the church. After which, brethren from the celebrating church offered a song to God as their way of giving honor to God for the victory He has given.


Bro. Sonny Dalapo was then called to exhort on giving tithes and offering. And was followed by Praise and Worship led again by Bro. Buenaventura. Immediately after was the Preaching of the Word delivered by God’s faithful servant, Pastor Michael Benito. He preached on the event’s key verse found in 2 Chronicles 7:14, “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” And true enough to the event’s theme “Revival”, there was a great outpouring of God’s Spirit from the praise and worship until the end of the service.


Former pastors and elders of OPIF M.E. S1 sent video greetings to congratulate the church for another milestone. “I am glad that I have been part of S1 Saints. I am grateful for everyone whom God used as instruments to help me in my spiritual growth”, said Pastor Samuel Asio, former resident pastor of S1 in his congratulatory message. Bro. Henry Resimo, on the other hand, proudly introduced himself as a product of S1. He ended his message with an encouragement to continue serving God and to desire the Holy Ghost especially for those who haven’t received the gift yet. “I have known the One True God in S1 in the year 2000. I am grateful to Pastor Tony Adriano who’s our pastor then, to Ka Mar, and to all hard working brethren who had helped me know more about Christ. And most especially I am grateful to God for His goodness and the sacrifice He did in the Cross of Calvary in order for us to be saved,” said Bro. Dennis Galvez.


“In the world, we are called JESUS’ Name people. And we really are. I am grateful to God that He has given us the understanding about who He really is”, Pastor Martino Cortan said in his video greeting and concluded it with a verse found in Hebrews 10:23 saying, “ Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering; (for he is faithful that promised;)” Aware that there are members of the church whose families are residing in Pangasinan, he also took the chance to invite everyone to visit the newly built church provided by God which he has been praying for while he’s still with S1. Another former Pastor of OPIF M.E. S1, Pastor Tony Adriano, congratulated the church and encouraged each one to continue in their walk with God. “Let’s fight a good fight of faith until we finish this race. Our Lord God will never forsake us”, he added. Pastor Tyrone Reyes, also a former resident pastor of OPIF M.E. S1, who’s now staying in Canada, expressed his continued love, prayers, and support to S1 saints in his congratulatory message.


Pastor Matio Morales, BOD - OYCM, and Pastor Raymond Reyes, BOD - Education, were then called for Closing Remarks and Closing Prayer respectively. The whole event was hosted by Bro. Absalon and Sis Christine Andres.


---with reports from Pastor Eugene Guasis, Deputy Pastor Jeff Serrano, and Bro. Sonny Dalapo---