OPIF Philippines Sector 9 Marks 1st Anniversary

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Photo Courtesy: OPIF Ph Sector 9 Saints and OPIF Digest Philippine Correspondent

Above photos were taken during the 1st Year Anniversary celebration of OPIF Ph Sector 9 (Tiaong, Quezon).


Tiaong, Quezon --- More than 85 people, excluding brethren who had joined via virtual meeting platforms, gathered to attend the 1st Anniversary Celebration of OPIF Sector 9 in Tiaong, Quezon on December 12, 2021. Brethren from NLACi Fellowship joined also with them to mark the church’ milestone. “Triumphant” is the event’s theme with Psalms 47:1, “O clap your hands, all ye people; shout unto God with the voice of triumph”, as its key verse.


The worship service began with a consecration song and a prayer to open the service by Deputy Pastor Kemp Jayzer De Alday of OPIF Ph S9. “We have a reason to rejoice because it is not a joke that we’re able to survive for a year as a church. As we reflect back to what the Lord has done for His church, it is obvious that He has done a number of great things that we can’t just ignore. This event would be an opportunity for all of us to share the love of God for each other and to celebrate God’s goodness”, Pastor Erwin Gaviola, resident pastor of OPIF Ph S9, said in his Welcome Remarks. Next, the attendees were welcomed with a song of praise unto God led by the OPIF Ph S9 Worship Team.


Some leaders and elders of the OPIF Organization were also given a chance to share some words of encouragement. “This is really a triumphant day for all of us because despite the pandemic situation, we have managed to come out victorious up to this day. He’s the One to be lifted up today for all the battles He had fought for our sake”, said the Vice-Chairman of the Board, Pastor Emiliano Neric, who’s also the event’s Guest Speaker. On the other hand, Pastor Martino Cortan, a former Chairman of the Board and now a pastor of Pangasinan Cell Group, in his speech, did not forget to express his gratitude to the owner of the building, Bro. Benedicto Atienza, whom God had used as a channel of blessing to His church in Tiaong. While Pastor Victor Notario Sr., OPIF Ph National Overseer and Resident Pastor of OPIF Ph S11, in his words of encouragement said, “In the midst of the pandemic, God has proven that He is alive and He’s true to all of His promises just like what He said that He’ll be with us until the end of the world and will never ever leave nor forsake us. God’s presence in our lives is the mere reason why we continue to experience success and victories.”


“God has provided you a big place to fill up with souls to be won for His Kingdom and this is a big challenge for the church of God in Tiaong. And always remember to give thanks unto God in every victory”, Pastor Vic added. Shortly after, Pastor Solomon Vili, National Presbyter of OPIF Ph, and Pastor Marilyn Neric, BoD in Finance, also shared some words to edify the body of Christ. Afterwards, a brief history of the church was read by Pastor Solomon Belic, OPIF Ph S3 Resident Pastor, whom God used to start a cell group in Tiaong before the work of God was endorsed to Pastor Gaviola, who by that time was one of the elders of OPIF Ph S3.


The OPIF Ph S9 saints rendered a special song to God and was then followed by congratulatory messages from some pastors and National Council leaders of OPIF Philippines. Pastor Alex Mapa from Australia was also present to grace the occasion. Bro. Benedicto Atienza, the owner of the building where the anniversary was held was also there to congratulate the church in their anniversary. “First of all, I am grateful to our living God. And I pray for the Lord to continue to bless His church in Tiaong, Quezon. Not only in your church anniversary you can use our place but you may use it for God’s services at anytime as long as you want. If the place lacks anything, feel free to tell me and I will do my best to provide it as for my service to the Lord”, said Bro. Atienza selflessly in his message to the saints of OPIF Ph S9 and the whole OPIF organization. Exclamation of praise to God and clapping of hands were heard subsequently after hearing the good news.


Next was an exhortation for tithes and offering by Sis. Realyn Mayo and a praise and worship led by Sis. Grace Atienza. Following that was the preaching of the Word by the Lord’s servant, Pastor Emiliano Neric. “Learn how to praise God and wait for God to do His part. You’ll be amazed of how God will do wonders as He moves in your praises”, he exclaimed as he continued to urge the congregation to give praises unto God from the beginning to end of his preaching.


The three hour event hosted by Sis. April Papera from NLACi was then concluded with a great outpouring of the Holy Ghost.