OPIF Philippines Youth Inter-fellowship 2022: A Call to Holiness for Today’s Youth

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Last August 6, 2022, a virtual fellowship was attended by OPIF Philippines’ young people from all over the country via Zoom. There were 91 attendees including visitors and brethren from Sector 1 to Sector 13.

The event theme was BE HOLY taken from the Scripture 1 Peter 1:15-16 that says “But as He which hath called you is holy, so be ye holy in all manner of conversation; Because it is written, Be ye holy; for I am holy.”

The program commenced with a devotion led by Bro. Joshua Joven of Sector 3 (Santa Rosa, Laguna). After which, everyone was then welcomed by Sector 9 (Tiaong, Quezon) Deputy Pastor Kemp De Alday and was followed by Sis. Ricel De Alday of OPIF Abu Dhabi giving an exhortation about the consequences of the choices that we make in her Words of Encouragement. The youth of Sector 7 and 11 (Bicol), on the other hand, led the special song presentations in the event.

The first lecturer, OPIF PH Education Directress, Sis. Rachele Neric - Alvarez, began with the topic on Outward Holiness. It was a discussion on how young people should look their God’s best and reflect God’s light in the midst of this chaotic generation. The topic ended with the question, “Will we identify with God or identify with the world?”

As the event continued, the youth of Sector 6 (Balamban, Cebu) and visitors from MSL church also offered special song presentations unto the Lord.

The second lecturer, OPIF PH Sector 1 Resident Pastor and National Council Public Relations minister, Pastor Marlon Martin discussed the topic on Inward holiness, about what it means to truly live according to the leading of the Holy Spirit, having an obedient heart and mind.

Immediately after were Songs of praise rendered by the young people of Sector 4 (Alang-alang, Leyte),  Sector 5 (Cuenca, Batangas), and Sector 1 (San Mateo, Rizal). And was then followed by the congregation' Praise and Worship led by Sis. Grace Atienza of Sector 9.

The Messenger of the Lord that day was Sector 9 Resident Pastor and National Council Youth President, Pastor Erwin Gaviola. The message emphasized that it is a challenge to be holy if we are to rely on ourselves. But it will be an easy task to do if we are aligned with the Holy Spirit. He also added that we are to walk with God and not of the world for whoever obeys the Lord will find salvation.

Pastor Gaviola reminded the youth by concluding the Lord's message saying, “Choose the people you are going to be with. You can reach out to the world but do not be influenced by them. We should be the one to lead them to holiness.”

The event was hosted by Sis Jocelyn Mayo of OPIF PH Sector 9.