The Answers To Many Whys: The Holy Bible

posted in: Literary

As I look and stare upon the sky,

I suddenly asked the questions how and why.

How this world came to be?

Why is there you and me?


Certain answers are hard to find,

You need to search and use your mind.

Use the heart to guide your way,

So false clues can’t lead you astray.


These queries that I have in mind,

Has been answered by all these lines.

"I am the way, the truth, and the life,

No one comes through the Father except through Me."


For no good deeds, nor sacrifice can save us,

No riches, no power, no allies can defend us.

Through the Holy Bible we'll learn the way,

To be with the Lord and forever stay.


So hear these words, I say to you,

For this Book will only bring you truths.

It gives you the glimpse of what the world had always been,

And let you peek to a world that’s yet to be seen.


Even though life's full of imperfection,

By Jesus Christ I found true redemption.

Living life bound by the laws of heaven,

By His love, I will never be forsaken.


All these promises, were all revealed,

Through this Book, it was unveiled.

So in this life, let the Holy Spirit be in-charge,

Till I met Jesus, His Words will be my guide.